intellisense highlighted text color

is it possible to change the text color for the highlighted portion of the intellisense list? right now it shows up blue on a (for me) black background which is very difficult to read. i don't see any option for this color in the "Fonts and Colors" section under all the ReSharper sections.


I have the same problem :( Maybe someone knows what to do..



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Yeah, the issue here is that the highlighting uses the -windows- theme, while the text inside it is pretty much fixed... If you use Aero, or XP's Luna theme or something, you're fine. If you use the Windows Classic theme in XP, you're screwed.

What I did personally as an interim solution, is to set my computer to the Luna theme (since my work computer uses XP... unfortunate, since I'm probably one of the 10 people on earth who seems to prefer Vista, which I was using at my last job, meh), note down the color codes for the highlight, set back the theme to Classic, but then change the highlighting to the Luna theme's one that I had just noted down.

It looks better that way across Windows anyway :) Especially in Outlook, and it fixes that particular Resharper awkwardness until we have a way to configure it.


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