More maddening errors with ReSharper!


I had 4.0 installed on my development box earlier in the year and had to remove it due to huge memory leaks caused by resharper. It made the machine unusable and I needed to exit out of VS2008 to release memory.

I just now installed version 4.1 hoping it would be more stable. I also installed the StyleCop plugin. I started vs 2008 SP1 and after about a minute, it simply exited without even so much as an error message, just Poof! and it was gone. When I restarted it I got a Resharper outofmemoryException error! So once again this version is unusable. It has great features if it would work!

Is there any way to get this to work?



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Can you provide any more details regarding your system, your solution, your memory usage for your solution with and without R# installed, etc.?


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