is there a search feature for these forums?

I feel pretty stupid since i'm sure it's staring me in the face, but is there/where is the search function for these forums?


When I'm logged in using FireFox, in the upper right corner of the screen there is a text box with a magnifying glass next to it.  It doesn't say anything, but it appears to allow searching.


well maybe not exactly staring me in the face since it stuck off in the corner, but i still feel dumb. thanks for pointing it out - now if i only i could rememebr what it was i trying to search for last time


When the search feature is not visible, I use the browser's search to search for "search"

Anyways, I don't like the search feature here because by default it seems to search all the forums and the whole site, contrary to the way I like it where search searches the current forum only. Advanced search should be used to broaden the criteria instead of narrowing it down. If I am using Resharper, by default I don't want to see results from dotTrace...etc.. The site doesn't seem to remember my preferences.


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