Multiple code & style profiles - possible?


I'm recently very into BDD with MSpec as an approach. This is very spoken-language oriented framework, so as a result it enforces a specific style of laying out your c# code.
Ideallly it would be perfect if I could tell R# to use one profile (coding styles and naming conventions) to my production code and the second one in my test assemblies.

For example, when I type "string foo" as a member of a class from the production code, I want r# to prompt me for adding "private" before it.
Otherwise in test (specifications) code. All I want is pure english language, without any unncecesary noise (whether it is private, protected, public - whatever, it does not bring any value to somebody who is reading it).

What I would like to is:
either an option to switch profiles with default settings based on the project I am targeting with r#. Maybe there is any option that I could mark my spec assemblies to apply this different style of naming ? (maybe with some magic xml file inside the directory?). What I'm doing now is turning off r# on my spec assemblies, but I would like it to help me with my second style of coding.

here are some tips to what I am addressing:

Thanks for any advices

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