Naming rules exceptions?

Is there any way to add more complicated rules or exceptions to the naming rules?  In my case, I'd like to disallow underscores in normal method names, but allow them in methods marked with the Test attribute. My TDD practices involve formatting the test method names as sentences with underscores between words, to allow for PascalCased references to other objects or classes.

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Hi, Mel.

There is not way to configure naming style for that kind of methods.

As a temporary solution I would recommend you to add ‘user defined rule’ for methods that allows two styles (general and test styles).

By the way it is possible to make a simple add-in that would extend “Affected entities” list with new items (say “Method with attribute [Test]”).

I also don’t think that we will address this problem soon.

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2019 and still no such opiton



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