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Is it by design that items like 2D and 3D can't be entered as abbreviations. I was trying to get variable names like graph_2D (or even graph_2d) to be an acceptable name instead of the Resharper suggested name of graph_2_d.

Also, not that it's a big deal because it still works but the Manage Abbreviation button seems to be a little misaligned and cut off at the bottom.   Resizing the dialog or moving the splitter doesn't seem to help.

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Abbreviation must be a valid upper case identifier. This restriction is provoked by the detail of implementation that identifier is first being parsed (splitted by words) and after that each word is checked if it is in a proper case or is it abbreviation.

I think later abbreviations would be more flexible (in order to support cases like yours).

There is a problem with layout of options window. It will be fixed by 4.5.1.


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