Naming rules (inspection) - explicit interface implementation

We use explicit interface implementation from time to time in our application, and we also use R#'s naming conventions warnings.  Our private naming style is "_UpperCamelCase", and our public naming style is "UpperCamelCase" for methods and properties in a class, but when doing explicit implementation of an interface, R# warns us that the methods don't follow the naming rules.

However, since this is an interface implementation, there really isn't any choice of whether to follow the naming convention or not (not to mention that I wouldn't really consider these "private" members anyway, since they aren't even directly visible to the other members of the class, much less outside callers).  Is there any way to turn off name verification only on interface implementations?  (btw, I'm fine with it checking the interface members at the interface declaration, I just don't see why it would check at the interface implementation site).

Any ideas what we can do?  I really hate to define a rule that allows "UpperCamelCase" for private members just to get around this, since that defeats all the checking we would like to do on privates, and we might as well turn off checking altogether if we have to do that.


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Oops... I just noticed that 4.5.1 is available and it seems to fix this problem.  Thanks for "anticipating" my problem!


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