Keep getting Unsupported declared element type exception.

I am Keep getting Unsupported declared element type exception:

Unsupported declared element type: ILocalVariableDeclaration.

Anybody has the same issue?


Yep, I'm getting plagued by these errors too. In my current project I get this error every single time I use Rename (Refactor -> Rename) and so I'm completely unable to use this feature now. Everything was OK until 2 days ago when I upgraded from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1274.1. Unforetunately I can't submit the error reports since the corporate firewall is very fussy. JetBrains Guys, Is there a way of dumping the debug info and providing it to you via another method?




To continue from my previous post I'm still getting blasted by these ILocalVariableDeclaration errors. I still can't submit these via JIRA and so I've attached a screen shot of the error window so you can see the scale of the problem. You can imagine it's very hard to promote R# to my colleagues when the error popup appears several times a minute and even I'm on the verge of uninstalling it.



Hello Rob
     Please make sure you have the latest compatible version of the Gallio plug-in installed.

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Support Engineer

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