Automatically remove "()" for object initiliazers

Here is a sample:

var assetClassBE = new AssetClassBE()
    Id = assetClass.ID, Name = assetClass.ClassName

The '()' after AssetClassBE is not automatically removed during a code cleanup and as far as I can tell I cannot configure this, or is this possible?

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It must be removed, if you've selected "full cleanup" profile

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I have this example:

var distributors = new List<Distributor>() {new Distributor() {Name = "Lozano-Moran", Firstname = "Gabriel"}, new Distributor {Name = "Doe", Firstname = "Joe"}};

Only when I select the entire line will it remove the '()'. Shouldn't this normally work for the entire class file if no selection is made?


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