Is ReSharper is a replacement to VSTS Code Analysis warnings.


I want to know, whether all the rules that are there in Visual Studio Team System(VSTS) Code analysis are supported in ReSharper.

In other words, if  ReSharper can help me in showing all the warnings that can be shown when CA rules are run, then I need not to run Code analysis warnings separately and need not use VSTS Code analysis, i.e., Is ReSharper  is a replacement to VSTS Code Analysis warnings. If not, I just want to know, the rules that are not supported by ReSharper but there are in CA Warnings.



Satish kumar P


Hello Satish
     ReSharper partially covers VSTS Code Analysis rules, but not all of them. Since there are hundreds of rules in ReSharper and in VSTS Code Analysis, I'm afraid we cannot provide an exact list of VSTS CA rules which are not supported by ReSharper at the moment.

Andrey Serebryansky

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Hi Andrey,

Thanks for the reply! I got couple of questions in my mind now

1.Since you informed that some of the rules from VSTS Code analysis were supported, I believe, there is a chance that  you might be using the interface kind of stuff provided by the microsoft to use these rules, if so, I want know where is that point of contact, so that I can customize the re sharper rules, to support my project. In other words, could I add new rules to the resharper. If possible how?

2. Could I export the rules which I used in my system in some format preferably in xml, so that I can use the xml file in other systems, and make all team members to follow the same rules, in this way  there will be a discipline among the team members.

Satish kumar P



ReSharper cannot use any of the FxCop objects directly to run the analyses
because the models used in these tools differ and are not compatible. Otherwise
there'd be no problem in including all of them in a bulk.

Those analyses that are common for both tools are reimplemented in R# in
its own way, with real-time source code highlightings, automatic fixes, and
so on. It is possible to implement more R# analyses with a plug-in DLL.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
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I would love to see a command line version of Reshaper's code inspections (that keys off the same settings as

when editing the file in VS) so that Resharper analysis could be incorporated into Continuous Integration build processes and automated code inspections.

I would also like to see more and more of the Code Analysis checks (those that make the most sense) incorporated, including file and module level inspections, with easy ability to "fix" the problems directly (like Link Demands, as one example, or easily adding a COMVISIBLE attribute to the assembly.

Even better would be the ability to inter-operate with Code Analysis in terms of identifiers an custom dictionaries (so there's only one file), and having "quick fixes" like being able to consolidate multiple project CustomDictionary.xml files into one solution CustomDictionary.xml that all the projects reference... things like that.

Ditto with interoperating with and enhancing project supressions in the GlobalSupressions.cs file.


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