Solution wide analysis ignores code behind?

Have just tried 4.5.2 and made a solution wide analysis on a site with 286files. But I get allot of errors of ambigius refence or cannot resolve symbol when the code is complete and will compile without problem.
Is like resharper ignore that the aspx and aspx.cs files belong together. Is this a know bug or is it some kind of setting you have to make in resharper so it accept codebehind files? It also ignore method/properties of register assembly/src in the codebehind page. So it definetly both ways.

In aspx page example <c1webgrid:c1templatecolumn></c1webgrid:c1templatecolumn> gives ambigous reference
Different commands like onitemcommand belonging to assembly is not followed to the codebehind page.

In aspx.cs resharper highlights for example C1.Web.C1WebGrid.C1GridItem as an ambigous refence
or all the properties/objects/methods containing in the registered assembly as cannot resolve symbol even if they exist

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Might have something to do with masterpages...
(also that should be codefile behind)

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     Could you please try reproducing this behavior on a small sample solution and attach it here? This would really help us to track down the problem. Thank you!

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