IMPOSSIBLY long wait times when editing large projects - what can be done?

OK, so I am editing our very large project and it takes 15+ SECONDS between keystrokes and the text appearing in the editor window.  During this time the CPU usage spikes to 100%.  WTF?  This does not happen in VS2008 without ReSharper installed.  I CERTAINLY HOPE you guys have done some profiling of your code in the next release and corrected these critically long delays, otherwise your tool is useless to us.

I am using ReSharper 4.5.1288.2 with VS2008.

Is there ANYTHING that can be done about this?  BTW - This is a recently opened project (less than an hour of editing - but using the "Find Usages") and starts happening when one or more of our larger source files (with partial class definitions in several files) is opened.  Nothing seems to help once it gets into this funk.  Not even closing all editor instances of this class.  And please don't lecture me about making the class smaller, etc...  This is a code-generated class and we have no intention of bending over backwards to make your tool work better.  That is not a reason to change our code base.

From reading a bit more, it seems like the culprit is the "Find Results" window for the "Find Usages" option.  Still, closing this window every time makes it difficult to get things done and only partially speeds things up.  Any other ideas?

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