Re: R#5 VS2008 tooltip variable inspection far too persistent; keyboardlocking up; any solutions?

This debugger "tooltips" is feature of VS, not ReSharper. Did you mean ReSharper
breaks this feature?

Ilya Ryzhenkov

JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

IR> I'm having some interesting problems with the release version of 5.0
IR> that I never had in any of the EAPs, up to and including the last
IR> few days.
IR> First of all, the tooltip variable inspection on a hover, is
IR> certainly interesting. They're sticky, of course, so you can expand
IR> a structure...and they seem to be designed to not go away until you
IR> click them; ESC doesn't work (I think, but read on). However, after
IR> expanding, sometimes, they just won't go away anymore.
IR> Possibly in conjunction with this, I lose keyboard functionality
IR> during a debug session; I can't use F5 or F10 to step thru, but I
IR> can click the 'continue' arrow.So I guess that 'ESC' might be gone
IR> too.
IR> I can't seem to type even in an address bar somewhere else, but
IR> F-lock and num lock are still working, so the keyboard's still
IR> active. I thought perhaps my keyboard settings were lost somewhere
IR> along the way, switching between various EAP versions, back to 4.5
IR> when things wouldn't work right, back up to 5.0 EAP, uninstall when
IR> things were released (since the EAP license was expired) and then
IR> finally reinstalling the release version of 5.0. Keymapping options
IR> WERE set to 'none'; I checked Visual Studio, but no help.
IR> Does anyone have a pointer to, or information on, similar problems
IR> you've experienced or read about? Making debugging not work is
IR> obviously a show-stopper, and I'm going back to 4.5 right now to get
IR> some work done...if the problems persist there, I'll be back to
IR> post.
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