Unit Test - NUnit problem with ReSharper (Bug?)

Hi Forum
With the current ReSharper 5 Version i got a problem with NUnit Testing.

In the test I put some code into method

        public void TestFixtureSetUp()

To get a initialization before the tests.

This seems not to work proper anymore. Because only the first test can access these settings of initializatio, the following test gets a exception becaus of missing settings. I tryed to find out whats wrong:

- The NUnit.exe gets no problem, no exception with the second test with exaclty the same .dll Nunit Test binary.
- The error appears not, if I put the initializationcode into the method

        public void SetUp()

My conclusion:
ReSharper's Unit-Test ist not working propper anymore. It seems, that some initializations in the testfixturesetup are killed after leafing the first test.

Is anyone here who knows this problem?

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     Could you please attach a small sample solution demonstrating this problem? Thank you!

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