Implement Members - how to customize properties?

I would like to customize the code produced by the "Implement Members" command.  For example, create a new class that implements an interface, and this command will generate the properties required by the interface.  In the dialog of options there are 3 built-in formats for the properties (throw exception, property with backing field, and automatic property).

I would like to have this create properties with change notification in the setter.

According to the "Reviewer's Guide" document, there is a way to customize the format of these generated properties, but the place it describes where to do this doesn't exist for me.

Step 7 in this section of this document:  says to

"choose ReSharper | Live Templates, right-click Predefined  Templates | No             Language | System | defaultBodyTemplate and choose Edit  to modify the default template"

That "No Language" node does not exist in my environment.

Has anybody else customized the properties output for this command?  If so, where / how do I do it?


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