Disabling region generation around the using declarations.

I like regions and have extended the default xml template to generate Private & Public method regions. The region generated by code clean-up around the using declarations is not required but I cannot find which bit of the xml generates this. Any hint would be appreciated.

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you can do this in the code cleanup options. Maybe you have to define a profile to see the options.
In "Optimize using directives" there is a checkbox for this. I'm not really sure, but this option
should be disabled in a default installation.


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Thankyou Klaus, problem now resolved after I followed your advice.

I had previously setup a custom code clean-up profile but missed the extra checkbox that controls generation of the region around the using statements. When a code clean-up profile is summarized just prior to the running a clean-up it appeared to me the option just controlled whether the using statements would be trimmed, hence my confusion.


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