Cursor disappearing after choosing "move to another file to match name type"

What's basically happening is anytime I start an interface or class in one file (with another interface or class already present), I choose the option to move to it's own file, when I do the cursor is no longer visible, the selected line is still there, I can press the enter key and it moves to the next line but typing anything else doesn't show up.  Only when I click the mouse inside the file the cursor shows up.

I'm using the newest 5.1.3 and don't remember having this problem in previous versions.  Using VS2010.

ETA: Just tested with my VS2008 installation that has the same version of Resharper running, and I can't reproduce the problem seems to be only affecting my VS2010 installation.


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+1 - I'm experiencing this also.

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Could you tell me if this happens on every solution, even new and just created ones?
Could you create and send me a small sample solution with the exact repro steps for it so we could reproduce this issue? You are welcome to send it directly to Alex.Berezoutsky[AT]

Thank you!


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