Localization - Three Questions

1. Is it possible to identify missing strings in a localized resource file that exist in the default?  e.g. I have a strMessage in default, but it's missing out of the spanish resource file, can I be alerted or search for that so that it can be corrected.

2. I have an existing project that uses resources as such:

ResourceManager localization = new ResourceManager("TestProject.Localization.WinFormStrings", typeof(ParseForm).Assembly);


message = localization.GetString("strMessage");

The R# localization features don't seem to recognize this at all.

3. I have some strings that could benefit from localizing, such as some RegularExpression patterns:


newReg = new Regex(@"Inventory\sID\s([\-\d]*)");

Again, the R# localization features don't seem to recognize this at all.

Note that I am running in Pessimistic mode, with R# version

Any ideas?

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1. If you open XML editor for file with default culture you can to see warnings about overriding resource item in specified cultures.

2. ReSharper support resource usage via generated wrappers.

3.  The string for Regex constructor marked as non localizable. You can manualy move this string to resource, if you need it.

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Also i recommend you to use "Find Code Issues" from Solution Explorer or SWA for detecting localization problems.


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