Upgrade from 4 to 5 not allowed?

I bought a personal C# license for Resharper 1.5 in 2006, then an upgrade to 3 in 2007, and an upgrade to 4 in 2009.
For a year I used another product, so never upgraded my license in 2010.
Now I am trying to upgrade from 4 to 5 in the exact same manner as my previous upgrades (choosing 'Upgrading User' - 'Personal' license' - upgrading from 'Resharper 3.x-4.x C# Edition' to 'Resharper 5.x C# Edition').
When I make those selections it shows that the upgrade costs $89.
When I click on 'Upgrade Now' I am taken to a screen that asks for my previous license key.
It doesn't matter whether I enter my 4.x license key or my 3.x license key, I am taken to an empty shopping cart.
Frustratingly, if I then go back and choose a brand new license and add it to the shopping cart, the purchase screen is pre-populated with the name/address information from my previous licenses, so that shows me that the license keys I entered were understood and accepted but upgrade was rejected.

I looked all over the site to see if there is some kind of policy about length of time between upgrades, and can find nothing.
The upgrade screen itself indicates that registered users of version 3 or version 4 are eligible for upgrade pricing as long as they select the same product.

I emailed both sales and info mailboxes at jetbrains asking about this, and have received no response.

Am I eligible for upgrade pricing, and if so how do I go about getting it?  I'm pretty frustrated at this point and have wasted a good bit of time on this issue.

Thank you.
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OK, got an email response from sales now.  Apparently I cannot upgrade through the website but can over the phone.  I get so used to doing business over the internet that I often don't even consider the option of 'actually picking up a phone'.



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