Any ETA on updates to fix several bugs?

Some of the more obvious ones (VB product):

1. Enum alignment is shifted over so that it doesn't align correctly with End Enum and aligns with elements of the Enum
2. Changing the private reference name doesn't update the name in the Public Property
3.  Not sorting of properties or methods in the VB version
4.  Flags variable as never being used when they actually are being used (ouch!)
5.  Flags variables as not being referenced when they are (guessing this is related to 4)
6.  Code Cleanup seems inconsistant
7.  R# Parameter Intellisense brakes VS 2010 intellisense leaving no intellisense ... had to turn R# feature off

Don't get me wrong Resharper coders, good product, but right now it's kinda more work fixing what it doesn't do correctly vs. the benefits of what it does do correctly.

Would be nice to know if these issues are going to be addressed (VB version) and if so, what ETA for release on the fixes?

Thanks, Rob.

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