Lack of documentation and SDK for ReSharper 6! something that in all honesty should have been there already!


The lack of documentation and SDK for ReSharper 6 just make some of us to lose interest in the product, why ?

I'm writing plugins for ReSharper, some of them are important to my work! there are a lot of authors out there expecting this and it doesn't make sense that there's nothing beyond digging into your own assemblies and trying to understand what's going on...

There are so many plugins out there that are no longer working and that developers already think of them as if they were part of ReSharper! Agent Johnson and Agent Smith for example are two of few plugins that most of us are using.

Should we wait to ReSharper 7 before the release of the SDK to ReSharper 6 ? what's going on ?

It's something that should have been there since day one, it's not reasonable to refactor and make major changes with no documentation of these changes.

Sorry, but I just expect you to do better, I really like your work, I really think you're doing a great job but you should understand that there are things that can't wait, we waited too much.


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Hi there!

We are currently working on the SDK. If you need the SDK immediately, you should contact Hadi Hariri (hadi at jetbrains dot com) - you'll need to sign an NDA and we'll send you the current version of the SDK.

Rest assured that the SDK is coming very soon!

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Yes I really do!

I'll contact him, thank you!


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