Code Cleanup places inline comments on a new line

Is there a specific option, other than WRAP which enables or disables this. Basically I don't want inline comments on a new line and

now that I have run code clean up on some old VB stiff, I have '000's of lines of code messed up that I can't undo....

Two question really: can I undo the damage - ie have resharper put single comments following a line back on the previous line and can I stop resharper splitting comments whilst still wrapping long code ?

(Added: this is VB.NET. Not a problem in C#)


There is an issue in YouTrack for this and some other cleanup issues: RSRP-99313



The issue you refer to makes mention of Comments that follow and End Region

My issue relates to ALL inline comments in VB.

I note also that the issue referred to is 20 months old and not resloved either.

So to be sure to be sure:

1. The cause - cleanup pushes comments onto a new line, End Region or otherwise

2. There is no option to put single line comments onto the previous line. Perhaps not something you would want by default but I always do breaks with 3 lines of comment by convention


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