Resharper doen't reformat code correctly (V6)

ReSharper V6 doesn't reformat c# code correctly (StyleCop setting):
After using Ctrl +Alt +F to format a c# code, I am still getting the following errors from StyleCop
1- Using statements are outside of namespace,
2- properties/ constructors and .. are not in correct format. In previous version of ReSharper, when I did a reformat, they were put in correct order.
3- Copyright section of file header is not correctly filled.
Any help how can I fix this?

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Hello Mansoura
     Regarding your questions:
     1. Open ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | C# | Namespace Imports and turn on 'Add using directive to the deepest scope' option
     2. Could you please clarify what format should the properties have?
     3. Specify your file header in ReSharper | Options | Code Editing | File Header Text and make sure that your code cleanup profile runs with 'Update file header' option turned on.

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