All right, who moved my cheese?

Just upgraded to 6.1 and all of a sudden the intellisense font went from a nice
well defined fonts to this:

I went to the Resharper options and it tells me to choose between the TextEditor font (which is even worse) or the Visual Studio Intellisense Font.  


1.  How do I se the Visual Studio Intellisense font?.  I see nothing in Options/Keyboard
2.  How do I get the traditional Resharper intellisense font?


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You can set VS intellisense font in Tools->Options->Font&Colors-> and select Statement Complition not TextEditor entity.
R# doesn't have any specific / traditional intellisense font. We use fonts from TextEditor, but if you check 'ReSharper Intellisense' and select 'Display Studion Intellisense font', you have to suspend / resume R# before use it.


Kirill Falk
.NET Team QA Lead


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