invalid - Cannot resolve method _____ canddidates are: ____ in class ___, ____ in class ___

As I posted in my previous post, i have an inheritance chain of A : B : C

I have 2 extension methods that cover this A, and this C.

If I invoke the extension method for this C from a typeof(B) it will display this error. Once again it seems to do with inheritance chains not being evalulated at all, let alone just the first ancestor.

R# 6.1 Windows 7 x64 12GB ram VS2010 Ultimate SP1.

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Any feedback on this?

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Hello Chris
     I'm afraid I wasn't able to reproduce this behavior using the latest build of ReSharper 6.1.1. Could you please attach a small sample solution demonstrating this behavior? Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

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