SDK: is it possible to change inspections?

There is this restriction, that warning about unused parameters is only shown for private methods, unless you activate solution wide analysis.
This is, because resharper doesn't want to warn about something it couldn't reliably fix. So it just doesn't show the warning, if if it has the info, because it just needs the method body to analyze, but the whole solution to fix it.

Now we have a very old big solution,and startig solution wide analysis and keeping it running would be a major perf hit. Sure, I could just make a public method private everytime, to see whether some parameter is used, but my coworkers and me don't like that, esp. for code reviews. Is it possible with the SDK/in any way to create some plugin, which activates the inspection for nonprivate methods without solutionwide analysis activated, but doesn't provide a quickfix? Or to create a new inspection, which does exactly that?

Many thanks for any answer.

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