Severity level rules for headers?

I like the new header text feature in 6.1, but the default rules no longer prompt me when a file header is missing from a file.  I can't find any rules for headers in the searchable Inspection Severity area.  Have the rules been removed?  Is there a way to get prompted for a missing header?  I also have the new stylecop plugin (with R# disabled since I'm just using C#), and it creates a warning in the error list for the missing header, but there is no solution offered.  Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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I finally figured out the answer to this question.  It turned out that I had disabled the ReSharper portion of the StyleCop plugin, and that the documentation rule definitions are in the StyleCop plugin.  Only the latest nightly builds of ReSharper 6.1 work with the latest StyleCop plugin, so I had to upgrade ReSharper as well as reinstall the StyleCop plugin.  It all works fine now.


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