Ongoing editor color problems

I don't think enough attention has been paid to how serious the color bugs are with the editor. Even if I can get the colors set about the way I want, they are unstable and may revert back to defaults the next time I open a .cs file. If I close and reopen vs the colors are again as I want them. This is unpredicable.

Each new version of visual studio seems to make life more difficult for users that use a black editor background. The default colors never work correctly with this color background of course. The fonts and colors window is very difficult to use, and if the color settings are unstable, you spend way too much time and effort fighting the editor settings.

There seem to be several editor highlighting settings that are not adjustable, such as the redundant or unused code fragments. The way the font is dimmed against the black background makes it almost impossible to see what you are editing.

There are a few other cases where the editor highlighting has made the underlying text impossible to read. A basic rule should be that whatever highlighting is used, it shoud never obscure the text. The syntax highlighting and setup in notepad++ for example is actually better than the vs editor stuff.

I know these issues are only partly on resharper, but would be nice if more attention were given to the instability bugs.

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This is what I tried to submit as a bug:

When the C# or xml editor opens, very often the colors are incorrect. I have to close visual studio and reopen, or make any change and save in the options/fonts and colors window. I spend too much time fighting the color settings. One color I have trouble with mostly is the resharper class color. You need to have a big illustrated chart showing what the color definitions are, what they control, and show what the default colors are. I think part of the problem is that resharper often reverts to the default colors (which are wrong for a black background) for no apparent reason. This is a very urgent problem, and would like to have links to earlier versions of resharper with stable color settings.

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I changed the editor font to "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono" and the colors are working a lot better.


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