Resharper 6.1.1 Performance Problem!!

I have been a fan for Resharper and would like to deploy one for each of my new development team. But .... lately I have experienced several severe performance problems with 6.1.1 version (C#). I hope Resharper can tackle these problems and give a fix asap.

1. Memory usage: this is a known issue for a long time but just to highlight some data. My Visual Studio 2010 takes up 800MB working set when our development project is loaded. While without a resharper installation, my college's application only takes less than 270MB. Both of us are using Dell Workstation T3500 and Windows 7 Professional SP1 (64-bit). I have 12GB memory while my college only has 4GB.

2. Slow startup. I don't have a comparison here but it takes my VS2010 more than 1 min to (warm) startup and finish loading the solution, which contains only 16 small projects.

3. From time to time I am experiencing lags while typing code. Well, this is probably a long-living problem but I didn't feel it so frequent with 6.0 version.

4. Today my VS2010 HANGS :O:O:O for mroe than 7 mins just because I was trying to delete some obsolete references from one of the projects. The CPU usage was 50% all the time for my dual core and I had to kill the process after long waiting!! This was a never experience with prior versions. I just can't imagine what task requires such huge computations!


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Hello Karl
     Thank you very much for feedback! Regarding the problems that you've mentioned:
     1. This is a known problem and we're working on reducing ReSharper's memory usage in the future.
     2,3,4. Could you please gather some performance snapshots of these scenarios by following the instructions at This will help us to find out, what exactly is causing those problems.

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"


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