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How do i configure Resharper to recognize filed that assign in run time by using reflection:
i am using WebDriver framework with the following code:

public class VideoInfo
        [FindsBy(How = How.ClassName, Using = "detailsTitle")]
        private IWebElement _videoInfoDetailsTitle; //here i got the warning msg: 'Field is never assigned'

        public VideoInfo(IWebDriver webDriver) : base(webDriver)
            PageFactory.InitElements(WebDriver, this); //this functino assign _videoInfoDetailsTitle

10x a lot!
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Hello Itay
     You can mark such fields with the 'UsedImplicitly' attribute. To get source code for this attributes open ReSharper | Options | Code Inspection | Code Annotations, click 'Copy to clipboard' and paste the code somewhere in your solution. Thank you!

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