Visual Studio replacement

As a former Java developer (now .Net) and user of heavy user of IntelliJ for the last several years, I have to ask the simple and obvious question of when you will start working on a Visual Studio competitor?

ReSharper is great, don't get me wrong.  However, it only goes so far and still leaves the user experience in Visual Studio a lot to be desired as compared to a fully developed Jetbrains IDE like IntelliJ.  In fact, it (VS) is still at times downright painful.

<on my knees here> please, please, consider going all the way, showing the .NET community what they have been missing and producing a fully functional, quality .NET IDE as I know you are capable of doing.

Thanks for your consideration.


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I am a .NET developer living with Visual Studio since .NET was introduced. Seeing all the nice other JetBrains IDEs and having to cope with the bloated heavy Titanic-IDE I have been longing for something more sleak from JetBrains for a long time too.

There are not many features left in VS itself that I really need since I have ReSharper. Its essentially just the shell, the solution explorer and the debugger.

So +1 from me.

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I agree completely...

Intellij is SO much faster than

I've done what I can to it but still... and I've got a fast machine with 16gb of ram and 2 ssd drives....

Occasionally I have to use Intellij at the same time as and it's just amazing the difference in navigating around the editor... ...I'm tempted to start up processmonitor to see what it's doing when I get some random pauses...

So I guess we need a is too slow vent thread :)

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Jason and all,

Thank you for appreciating IntelliJ IDEA as a fully functional, quality IDE!

Happy to hear that your experience with the JetBrains IDE is smooth performance-wise.

We're not considering developing a .NET IDE right now for a number of reasons but this might change in future if things go the right way.


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