Underscore for line break is autocompleted to _AppDomain

To break up a statement into multiple lines in VB.net (<4.0) a space followed by a line break is required.
With resharper installed this is always autocompleted to _AppDomain.
This makes the already tedious action of breaking a line even more tedious.

Can this behaviour be configured somewhere?

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Hello Boris
     This happens because you have '_AppDomain' pre-selected in the completion list prior to pressing Enter. In this situation you can either:
     1. Explicitly close IntelliSense window with Esc before pressing Enter
     2. Change the autopopup option to 'Display but do not preselect' for 'Letter and digits' context under ReSharper | Options | IntelliSense | Autopopup | VB.NET

     Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc


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Closing with escape is what we do right now, but you can imagining this becomes rather tedious quite fast
The other option looks promising, will check it out. Thx :)


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