PlugIn doesn't work - how to debug?


I'm trying to write a plugin for ReSharper. In fact I managed to get a demo plugin working (using the SDK). For experimental purposes, the plugin defines an action which adds an "About" menu item to the ReSharper menu (as far as I remember this comes with the SDK template). When clicking on this "About" menu item a MessageBox appears. My problem now is that this works on two computers (with identical ReSharper and VS versions), but on a third computer it doesn't work. Apparently, ReSharper recognizes and loads my plugin, because it is shown in the "Options->PlugIns" list and also the "About" menu item is present, but when I click on this "About" menu item, nothing happens. I added a "Debug.WriteLine" line to the Execute method of the ActionHandler for this menu item to check with DebugView whether this method is called at all, so I'm absolutely sure that this is never called by ReSsharper. But only on one out of three computers, all with identical VS 2010 and ReSharper versions (I'm using ReSharper 6.1.1000.82).
So my guess right now is that the plugin is working, but there's something wrong with my ReSharper on this third computer. The StyleCop plugin works on all three computers.

Is there any way I can get more debug information from ReSharper? For instance, if it can find the ActionHandler class for this "About" menu item? Any other ideas what can be wrong with the ReSharper installation or my plugin?
(Of course the plugin also does some "real" code analysis work, but as it didn't do anything on the third computer this "About" menu item is the only way for me right now to check whether the plugin is fully "recognized" by ReSharper).


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