Duplicate rows in 'Go to Implementation'?

I got these images when go to implementation from interface:
from interface:
from a call:
If I select any row, I'll go to source code in project 'G3WGv1.LogicLib'. And I don't know why I got 'G3WGv1.LogicLib, Version=' in first row.

Sometime, I also get this behavior of Resharper when do 'Go to Type', 'Go to File' but I cannot reproduce these case when I do this post.

I use R# 7.0.1098.2760, VS 2012.

How can I remove first row with full assembly name in these list above?

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This is quite an old issue, however we cannot reproduce it to debug and fix - could you please try to reproduce this issue in a small sample and zip the solution for us here?

Thanks in advance!

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I cannot reproduce this issue in small apps.

But there are some other information and hope that they are useful:

-VS 2012 RTM
-The solution is a  branch in TFS 2010 with many branches. Solution has a Web project. Issue come from a library of this web project.
-Issue occurs when navigation from interface

If I delete all local, get only one branch to local, this issue does not appear.

If I get all branches in my local and follow these steps:
1. Open VS
2. Open any branch in VS. Build/Publish web project.
3. Go to a interface and check issue.
4. Close VS, go to #1

I got this issue in #3 after some times try these all steps above.

When issue occured, it always appear from any branch.

When issue occured, I delete bin/obj folders from a branch, I issue does not appear. And issue appears again when I try these steps above many times.

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Thanks for the information.
I've forwarded this to the corresponding developer; too pity that it is still not reproducible on a sample solution, though...

Thanks a lot anyways!


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