R# 7.1, VS 2012 : Find usages of an explicitly implemented interface does not work as expected.

So we tend to explicitly implement most of the interfaces in our code by design.  However, since upgrading from R# 6.1 on VS2010 to R# 7.1 on VS2012, I have noticed a problem relating to doing this.  

When I do a Find Usages on the method declaration of an explicit interface, R# reports that there are no usages.  If I do the same Find Usages, but on the method declaration in the interface itself, then I find the implementation method, but that is all.  What I do not find in either case is the code that actually calls the method.  However, if the cursor is on one the callers of the method, then I can Go To Declaration/Implementation without an issue.

For other interfaces that are not explicitly implemented; but instead implicitly implemented instead all functionality works as expected.

I hope that I am being clear.  If not I can build up a sample solution for you.


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Hello David,

We have a logged issue about this behavior here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-336714.
We would appreciate if you can create a small sample for us and attach it in the comments section of the issue there in YouTrack.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi David,

Could you please tru this buyild from here: http://download-ln.jetbrains.com/resharper/ReSharperSetup.7.1.1000.1094.msi
Please let me know if Find Usages is working fine for you with it.

Thank you in advance!


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