SSR Pattern Question?


In Resharper 7.1.1000.900 in VS2010, I've created a pattern to search and replace, and it's not finding any instances.  It's intended to take a ternary expression like this:

var x = booleanExpression? Foo(a, b, c, 1, d, e, f) : (Foo(a, b, c, 2, d, e, f);

and transform it to:

var variant = booleanExpression? 1 : 2;
Foo(a, b, c, variant, d, e, f);

which is less verbose and easier to read.

Here's the search pattern:

$id$ = $bool$? $foo$($preArgs$, $variantArg1$, $postArgs$) : $foo$($preArgs$, $variantArg2$, $postArgs$);

Here's the replace pattern:

var variant = $bool$? $variantArg1$ : $variantArg2$;
$id$ = $foo$($preArgs$, variant, $postArgs$);

Here are the placeholder definitions:

Name Meaning
bool expression which is of type System.Boolean or one of its derived types


id expression
postArgs any number of arguments
preArgs any number of arguments
variantArg1 exactly one argument
variangArg2 exactly one argument

I've also checked "Match similar constructs", "Format after replace", and "Shorten References".


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Hello Daniel,

Thank you for the report. We've checked that out, and it appears to be a bug in R# SSR subsystem. I've logged this issue for further fixing here:

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Thanks again!

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for addressing the issue!



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