Why should we pay for R# 8.0?


We asked for improvements to the Cleanup code feature to allow more customization yet you didn't announce it.

We asked for improvements to the the Tests Runner to support nested classes yet you didn't announce it.

We asked for improvements to performance yet you didn't announce it and this also part of the next request.

We asked you for an option to disable R# for certain projects yet you didn't announce it.

TypeScript support is nice but it's optional and it's annoying to see that I need to pay for something that I spend 20% of my time whereas I find myself spending 80% of my time in C#.

The funny thing is that you are adding support for TypeScript and zero support for LESS or Sass files that need it as much as TypeScript, maybe even more.

I'm not going to buy R# 8.0 when you promised us to address some of these issues yet nothing was announced which is just disappointing me.

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ReSHarper 8 release date is not yet planned, as well as we showed just a little of the new features we are going to release with 8.0 when published the 1st EAP build.

As for your requests:
1) There are going to be some improvements abd bugfixes in Code Formattings/Code Cleanup.
2) Test Runner is going to be imporved as well.
3) We're always working on performance and we will make sure that ReSHarper 8 is going to be faster than 7.1.2
4) This option is partially available now via 'Edit Items To Skip' in Code Analysis options, as well as complete ReSharper suspend in the Tools | Options | ReSharper dialog.
5) TypeScript support is announced and on its way into next EAP builds.
6) Less support is still under discussion here: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-215161

Please stay tuned to the news - the 1st EAP build and blogpost about it is not yet a full feature list of ReSharper 8, as well as it's still a long way to its release.
Thank you for understanding.

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Thank you Alex.

I'm looking forward to these improvements. :)

if you look at LESS (and let's not forget Sass) support than this is a long awaited request and nothing was done to support it yet.


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