Templates - can I add elements or other files elsewhere with macros?


I've defined a template for a method, but it requires a 'class level' variable to be declared (preferably at the top of the class).  Ideally I'd like:

a) Once I've named the variable, it gets declared at the top of the class
b) The method also references a class name - it'd be great for that to be created in an appropriate file (myclass.cs or whatever) as part of that.

Are either of these things possible with r#?  If not I'd love to hear of other potential workarounds or alternative tools I could use for that functionality.



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Hello Mark,

Currently it is not possible to do with ReSharper, however I've logged it as a feature request for the future ReSharper version here in YouTrack: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-344494

Thank you!

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Many thanks Alex!


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