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Some times I had issue "Cannot resolve symbol" for my controls when I declare ID but I wasn't sure if it VS2010 or Resharper issue. But now I collected a bit more information that random error ocurrence that I had before.
Now it 100% Resarper issue because when I suspend resparper this error disappears and when resume Resharper I again got this error. And it appears second time in row when I copy control declaration from aspx page in one project in solution to aspx page in another project in solution.
In my case it was:
<asp:Literal ID="Greeting" runat="server">Unknown User</asp:Literal>
To fix that problem helps only Visual Studio restart and manualy declare new control on aspx page and save this page.
JetBrains ReSharper 7.1 C# Edition
Build on 2012-11-13T19:34:00
Licensed to: Vladimirs Surajevs
Plugins: 2
#1. “Spell Checker for Resharper” v1.1.0.0 by “Artem Bukhonov”
#2. “You Can't Spell” v1.1.4701.40448 by “Aaron Dandy”
Visual Studio 10.0.40219.1.

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Removed due changes was approved in first post.

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After another event of this weird error remembered that my post still without any feedback. Please clarify situation because I cannot use resharper normaly each time I need restart VS and manually declare control.

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Another occurrence of this weird error.

I had:

<span><asp:HyperLink ID="ProjectArea_HyperLink" runat="server" ToolTip="Project Area"/>  &raquo; </span>

When I started to add runat="server" to span and then ID="AnyID" I again got cannot resolve symbol error which could be fixed only by restarting VS.

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Plz fix this issue ASAP. I'm with the last EAP, and this is very bothersome

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You will get this if you make changes to your aspx file while your solution is running. When you are running you can't change .cs files - so the .aspx.designer.cs file can't be updated if you change an ID in the aspx and you get the "cannot resolve symbol" error. Stop your project and then the designer should update itself when you change the aspx again. 


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