Any Support for Custom Resource Providers?

Our web application uses a custom IResourceProvider implementation for all resources. We would like to use the localization features of ReSharper, but haven't been able to figure out how to tell ReSharper that we don't use .resx files.

Is there a way to set up ReSharper so that it will use our implementation at design time? The implementation is stable, so shouldn't be causing any exceptions.

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Hello John,

Unfortunately, this is not available in ReSharper. The least you can do is to turn off all Code Inspections related to Resources and Localization.

We apologize for the incovneniecne.

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Thanks. I'd love to know of any workaround that would allow us to use your localization features.
If there were any changes we needed to make to our resource provider, we'd be glad to do that. We all depend on ReSharper here.

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What does your custom implemenation look like? Is it file based? It might be possible to extend ReSharper's support if it's a file - ReSharper has support for multiple file types (resx and Windows Store resw + json) and this can be added to from a plugin, as long as the resources are in a file that can be specifically identified (xml or js would be ideal)



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