Show Stopper Priority Usability Issue Not Fixed after 3 Years (completion)

This is an issue I encounter almost daily because R# does not distinguish between lower and upper case in the scenario depicted in the attached screenshot. I should be able to simply type CR and get CreateResponse, but instead I either must take my hand off the mouse or type all the way to CreateR in order to get it to highlight the CreateResponse method.

This relates to bug 121017

I'm using 7.1.3

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Looks like this issue is going to be fixed in ReSharper 8.0 - it was updated just today.
Thank you.

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Thanks. I just re-read issue 121017 and I wonder if the issue I describe in this post and in the attached screenshot is a different issue than 121017 and that that fixing 121017 may not fix this. I think I may have referred to 121017 erroneously.

What do you think? Should I create a new YouTrack issue?

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Sure you may do that to ensure that this is fixed by the corresponding developer, or try out fresh ReSharper 8 EAP build when it is going to be out:



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