How to set test runner to execute test as 64 bit process?


for my project, I need to make use of a native 64 bit dll (DllImport).
Therefore my VS2012 C# Project is of Type "AnyCPU" with "Prefere 32 bit" disabled.
The project it's self works fine, and is able to access the 64-bit dll without problems.

No I setup a testproject, to test my api-wrapper class.
Using MS-Test, I can set "Processor default Architecture" to X64 and my tests run ok also.

Using the ReSharper test runner I endup with all tests failing.
I assume, there is "some" switch to set the test runner to 64-bit, but I could not find it.
So my question is: What must I do to run my tests as 64-bit process with the ReSharper test runner?


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I'm having a similiar issue. I have the settings selecting a testsettings file that says to run in a 64bit host but the tests are still failing to run.


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