adding "this." to naming guidlines.

I tried to search on this topic but due to the fact that "this" is such a common term I could not find any information on it.

The naming polices at my work is to use lower camel case for instance fields, while inside a function they are diferentiated by having them prefixed by "this."

In the R# settings under Code Editing -> C#->Formatting Style->Other I was able to set 'Force "this." qualifier for instance member' to 'For fields'.

When I rename a field it will automaticly add the "this." for me, but it does not give me any notifications that I should add them (the pyrimid icon) if I have hand typed code that does not include it. Also the "Full Cleanup" cleanup code does not add the "this." members.

What do I need to do to have it fix my existing members and have it remind me while I am typing about future members that I missed?

P.S. In formatting style, what is the diffrence between "For fields" and "For Fields in this class" settings in the dropdown for 'Force "this." qualifier for instance member'?

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