Failed to modify documents?

All of a sudden I'm starting to get this error when trying to refactor:"Failed to modify documents"Where do I even start to troubleshoot? Is there a log file I can enable somwhere?JetBrains ReSharper 7.1.1 C# EditionBuild 7.1.1000.900 on 2012-12-13T14:22:48Visual Studio 11.0.60315.1./M

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Hi Magnus,

1st of all - could you please update ReSharper to the latest version available here:
Please let me know the results.


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I've seen this error occur when I have the Visual Studio Tools for Git extension enabled. In my case it happened when I tried to add a new MVC view by going ALT+ENTER in a controller on a return View(); statement where the corresponding view did not exist, and going "Create Razor View 'viewname' with layout". Disabling the plugin and restarting seemed to stop the error from happening.

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Hi James,

This is a known behavior fro this extension; here's a common issue regarding this matter:
Thanks for letting us know anyways!


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