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I'm hoping to write a ReSharper 8 plugin that will visually notify the user (icon maybe?) in the solution explorer panel if they have exceeded the number of allowed projects in a solution. My question is what is the best approach to do this? I've looked at the documentation online and written a ContextAction plugin to get familliar with plugin dvelopment, but I'm not sure how to access the solution explorer panel. Is this possible? Can you set it up in the ReSharper options to input the number of projects as the limit?

Please point me in the right direction.


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Hi Shane. I don't think the Solution Explorer is customisable, even from a Visual Studio extension. Either way, ReSharper doesn't provide any API to do this - all of ReSharper's notification means right now are in source code only, with the only alternative being the Solution Analysis Errors indicator. You could probably write a plugin that partakes in the solution wide analysis and provide a generic (non-source file) error that is displayed here. However, it would require solution wide analysis to be enabled, and those errors can be ignored by users.


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