Cannot resolve symbol (resharper 8)

Since I upgraded to Resharper 8 my project is littered with unresolved symbols from referenced dll's.  In previous versions of Resharper (4,5, 6, and 7, all of which I've used) I never had any problems. Visual studio also builds just fine. Attached is a screenshot demonstrating what I see.    I've tried cleaning the solution, and sometimes that works, but in general I have upwards of 100 of these false errors. It's incredibly annoying, given I just purchased resharper 8. I can downgrade to 7, but that's a little abusrd. Has anyone else run into this issue? Is this a known bug? Are there any workarounds? It's driving me nuts

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What do you mean by clearing the solution? Have you tried these steps:
If it's still a false positive for you, could you please create and attach here a small sample solution, which will demonstrate this issue?

Thank you in advance!


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