"this." qualifier annoyance (and plea for help)

I work primarily in C# and our coding standards state that private instance fields should be prefixed with an underscore (_) and NOT prefixed with "this.", while all other instance member references (methods, properties, etc) within the class EXCEPT private instance fields, should use the "this." qualifier.  For example,

private int _privateInstanceField;
public int PublicInstanceField { get; set; }

private void DummyMethod()
     this.PublicInstanceField = _privateInstanceField;  // Want this.

     this.PublicInstanceField = this._privateInstanceField;  // Don't want this

     PublicInstanceField = _privateInstanceField;  // Don't want this either

Is there anyway to achieve this with the currently available options in Resharper? (would basically like the option "Force 'this.' qualifier for instance member = For this class non-private members")

Thanks in advance,


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