Issue with intellisense in 8.0.1?

I upgraded to 8.0.1 this morning and since then the upgrade intellisense auto list members has not been working.  It appears that the VS option "Options -> Text Editor -> All Languages (or C#) -> Auto list members" is being cleared.  I go into Options and set it to checked and it works in the current document.  However, when I go to a different document in the IDE, I get the same behavior, and when I go back into Options the option is unchecked again.

I reinstalled 8.0.0 and the issue no longer occurs.  Is anyone else seeing this behavior?  I don't think there's anything unque with the solutions I am using, other than it is on the large side with 84 projects I suppose.

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What IntelliSense do you use - VS one or ReSharper's? Please check it in Environment → IntelliSense → General dialog of the ReSharper  Options.



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