using directive not required msg on required directive - why?

I am new to resharper and have just installed it on the recommendation of some sharp people I know.I have a solution with lots of projects.  Some projects (essentially libraries used in many apps) are in a totally separate folder tree.I have a c# class that has some using statements.  The last 2 reference some of the library projects.  Resharper is telling me that these are not required. It is also telling me that I have a bunch of errors due to references to unresolved symbols (all of which come from those last to library projects.)The code compiles just fine.If I comment out the last 2 using statements that resharper says are "not required and can be safely removed", then I get errors as now those other commands realy are unresolved.1) Why is resharper telling me that these 2 using statements are not required and encouraging me to remove them (which will then cause errors.)2) What do I need to change so that resharper works correctly?Thank you!justme

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