Is it possible to disable red highlighting while typing?

While I'm typing C# code, the incompletely typed words get highlighted red (unresolved identifier), then become black as the next character is typed, then red again, and so forth. Is it possible to disable this behavior so that unresolved identifiers are checked only after they have been typed completely, and a space or other delimiter has been entered? The words constantly blinking red/black make my eyes hurt!

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Hi Andrew,

Unfortunately, this can be done only with disabling Code Analysis for the whole file (e.g, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+8 shortcut in the Editor).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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This is so anoying and distracting! 

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Is disabling Code Analysis for the whole file still the only way to disable this? A short delay before changing the font color would also be a way of removing that constant blinking while still having color highlighting in general


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